Bahruz Jabiyev

Looking for Opportunities


- [Jun 2024]: Our latest paper titled "Gudifu: Guided Differential Fuzzing for HTTP Request Parsing" was accepted by RAID 2024.

- [Mar 2024]: I am honored to be invited for a talk at LangSec Workshop of IEEE S&P, where I will present the fruits of my research over the last four years.

- [Nov 2023]: Our newest paper, "Untangle: Multi-Layer Web Server Fingerprinting", was accepted by NDSS 2024.

- [Nov 2023]: Excited to start as a postdoctoral scholar at Dartmouth. I will be working with Christophe Hauser and Sean Smith.

- [May 2023]: Started to serve as a program committee member for the Web Security track of ACM CCS 2023.

- [Apr 2023]: Started as a postdoctoral fellow in the Quantitative Biology Department of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

- [Mar 2023]: Successfully defended my PhD thesis.

- [Feb 2023] [Award]: Very happy to be awarded a travel grant for NDSS Symposium 2023.

- [Jan 2023] [Award]: The technique of our Frameshifter paper was nominated for "Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2022" by PortSwigger Research.

- [Oct 2022]: My presentation at USENIX Security 2022 is now on Youtube.

- [Jul 2022] [Award]: Our T-Reqs paper was invited to compete in NYU CSAW North America Applied Research Competition as one of 83 top-quality research papers in cybersecurity.

- [Jun 2022]: Our paper on HTTP/2-to-HTTP/1 conversion anomalies was accepted for publication in USENIX Security 2022.

- [May 2022]: I started my research internship at Google where I will work on building a framework for guided differential fuzzing of Google Cloud servers.

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